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IPv4 To IPv6 Migration: Why the wait?

[fa icon="calendar'] August 6, 2018 - Written by Jeff Patterson
Posted in Intelligent Infrastructure, Mobility

Have you transitioned your company’s network away from IPv4 and over to IPv6 yet? If not, why? For years now, we’ve heard apocalypse-type theories of how we need to move to IPv6 or the internet will die. IPv4 exhaustion has been rumored since the 1990s and IPv6 has been around for 19 years, so if you haven’t made the jump, you’re not alone. Google tracks IPv6 statistics and, as of December 2017, only 18.67% of the world has deployed IPv6, with the United States adopting at a faster approximate 25% rate. If we all know that IPv6 will be the standard at some point, then why is it taking so long to transition?

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Twinkle, Twinkle Internet Star –Increase Security and Reduce Risk with a Layered Security Posture

[fa icon="calendar'] April 26, 2017 - Written by Derrick Whisel
Posted in Security, Intelligent Networks, Mobility

 Twinkle, Twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!

Up above the world so high,

Like an Access Point providing Wi-Fi!

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How Technology Can Improve the Customer Experience and Create Value

[fa icon="calendar'] March 29, 2017 - Written by Sean Rollman
Posted in Cloud, Mobility

As technology continues to evolve and digital transformation enters full swing, competition for customers is growing increasingly fierce. An essential question for businesses has become, “How can technology improve customer experience and create additional value for my shareholders?” A great question, and to answer it let’s take a look at what one well-known company did to leapfrog their competition and launch themselves into the digital age. 

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Enterprise Cybersecurity

[fa icon="calendar'] January 6, 2017 - Written by Internetwork Engineering
Posted in Security, Mobility, Cloud

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, there will be 3.4 networked devices per capita by 2020. This represents 26.3 billion networked devices and nearly a 40% increase in just five years. To handle this flood of new devices, many companies today are utilizing the cloud to connect devices to the corporate network. Is it any surprise that cybersecurity has become one of the top priorities for businesses?

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Moving at the Speed of Innovation with Cisco Spark

[fa icon="calendar'] December 20, 2016 - Written by Marty Jefferson
Posted in Mobility, Cloud

The speed of innovation in today’s corporate environment is accelerating exponentially. The time required to move from ideas to execution has decreased dramatically. What used to take decades or centuries now only takes years or months. 

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