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Why IE Loves XMedius for Secure File Exchange & Communications

[fa icon="calendar'] September 4, 2019 - Written by Internetwork Engineering
Posted in Collaboration

Technology helps us communicate and collaborate across barriers that once confined us, were costly to bridge or extended the length of processes. The ease and convenience that’s brought by today’s digital technologies have also ushered in a time of unease and vulnerability. Information exchanged and stored digitally holds personal information that can be troublesome on its own if in the wrong hands or be used like a puzzle piece to achieve a hacker’s end goal. Handling this information in today’s data-rich world has its own set of challenges, and for businesses who process these important pieces of information like social security numbers, medical records, and credit card information, there are also compliance regulations adding to the complexity of it all. To help organizations operate more efficiently and securely, we’ve partnered with XMedius for secure file exchange and communications. Their solutions help reduce costs and are simple to use, secure, automated, flexible, and compliant.

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Stand Under Our Cisco Umbrella (Ella, Ella, Eh, Eh)

[fa icon="calendar'] August 29, 2019 - Written by Derrick Whisel
Posted in Security

School routines are back in full swing, and I couldn’t help but draw similarities between how we protect the young ones we send off to school and the corporate assets and data leaving our companies.

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North Carolina Has a New Approved Cisco Reseller on the 204x Contract

[fa icon="calendar'] August 20, 2019 - Written by Internetwork Engineering
Posted in Company News

North Carolina updated it’s 204x contract of approved IT infrastructure solution vendors and resellers recently, and we’re excited to be included on the list as an approved Cisco reseller. For the past year, we’ve worked hard to be added to the statewide contract so we can not only continue to support our current State and Local Government and Education (SLED) customers but better serve the entire state.

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Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Certificate Expiration Notice

[fa icon="calendar'] August 15, 2019 - Written by Dennis Holmes
Posted in Mobility

Last week in my lab, I had an issue arise with one of my older network testbeds. When I came into the lab in the morning, none of my access points were connected to my older Cisco 5508 controller. A little troubleshooting and I quickly discovered that there was a certificate issue on my access points and controllers. Here, I’ll share what the issue was, the fix, and what impact it will have on your business.

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Pure Storage & IE Are Bringing Innovation To The Southeast

[fa icon="calendar'] August 8, 2019 - Written by Internetwork Engineering
Posted in Company News, Intelligent Infrastructure

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new partnership with Pure Storage to offer more intelligent infrastructure options to our customers. Partnering with Pure means we’re able to bring leading flash storage, cloud, hybrid cloud, data protection, and recovery solutions to the Southeast.

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