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5 Tips for Building an Incident Response Plan

[fa icon="calendar"] January 10, 2018 - Written by: IE Security Team

Today, the risk of a security incident or data breach is higher than ever. Having an Incident Response Plan is crucial to maintaining a strong security posture so you can protect your business before, during and after an attack.

Use these 5 tips to start building your basic incident response plan today.

1. Improve your detection capabilities

Help your workforce and executives understand security risks and what to look for. Also, take advantage of tools that automate the monitoring of network traffic and user behavior.

2. Create a dedicated response team

Identify a leader and empower a team of individuals to minimize the impact of security incidents and restore operations as quickly as possible. The team should include IT, business continuity, communications, documentation, and legal/HR roles.

3. Draft an incident response process

There’s no need for a complex plan, start simple. The key here is to document standards and ensure consistency in how you respond to security incidents. Try an in-person test (tabletop exercise).

4. Connect people and tools

Connect both people and tools with the necessary capabilities from around your organization. Chances are, much of what you need is already in place.

5. Understand where you have gaps

After you draft your process and go through some testing, identify where you have capability or capacity gaps and build a plan to address them.


BONUS TIP: Get help filling in the gaps

Utilize a third-party to help you identify and address gaps in your Incident Response Plan. Doing so can improve your overal plan, threat detection capabilities, and how you respond to threats. 

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Want even more help creating an Incident Response Plan? Download our free incident response checklist to use as you build out your Incident Response plan, or contact out Security Team today.



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