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An IT Admins Playbook to Providing a Secure Network with Cisco Meraki

[fa icon="calendar"] January 27, 2020 - Written by: Internetwork Engineering

If you’re an IT Admin, we don’t need to tell you how difficult and demanding your job can be on a daily basis. You’re not only installing network gear and keeping it updated, but you’re also managing everything from clients to applications. Not to mention the demands associated with business growth. When the business grows, so does everything else in the network: the type of uses, devices, and applications. All of that falls on you and your team to install, update, and maintain. While managing these groups of clients has always been challenging, now along comes security to keep you up at night.

The Struggle of Maintaining a Secure Network

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Over 43% of cybersecurity attacks target SMBs with lean IT teams and more than 74% of these attacks exploit inadequate network access and security policies. With so many different types of users trying to access the network – employees, guests, contractors – and different types of devices – corporate issued laptops, employee owned laptops, smartphones, IoT devices – IT administrators need a scalable way to manage network, device and user access, and security.


While everyone wants a secure network, security solutions aren’t always the simplest to implement and manage. Many require tedious manual labor, and a highly skilled IT team to implement properly. Numerous IT teams simply don’t have the resources to achieve this type of multi-layered security solution. Does this recipe for disaster sound familiar?


This results in IT teams trying to manage multiple vendors, with disparate dashboards, manual integrations, and several boxes to secure their network. In fact, more than 25% of organizations use up to 20 vendors to try and secure their networks. When you were just trying to simplify things, you’ve now overcomplicated the security landscape. Now what? Throw your hands up in frustration, along with a basic firewall? (Please don’t.) Listen, we know you know. We don’t have to explain the value of implementing a security posture that affects every layer of your network – one that gives you security everywhere and any way. It’s a time and manpower issue.  


Unfortunately, that’s what malicious attackers are banking on when they take advantage of those vulnerabilities. So, how can you prevent your company from becoming the next data breach headline? It might be time for you to consider implementing cloud-based networking solutions with Cisco Meraki.


How Cisco Meraki’s Biggest Cross-product Secure Networking Solutions Can Help

Cisco Meraki recently unveiled their biggest cross-product security solutions to help you create a simple and secure digital workplace. Meraki already has a head start in simplicity, security, and scalability since their networking solutions are managed from a single web-based dashboard. Now with these new Meraki solutions, you no longer have to compromise in security, either. They’ve released the following solutions to simplify your network security procedures:

Cisco Meraki New Security Solutions 2020 (1)

If you’re looking to simplify security across every layer of your network, download this Security Made Simple Playbook and dive in to all the details about these recently launched Cisco Meraki security solutions.


Ready to learn more? Click the link below for more information. Don't miss out on the Cisco Meraki Webinar


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