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Active Exploitation of Solarwinds Software Reinforces the Need to Enforce Password Policies

[fa icon="calendar'] December 18, 2020 - Written by Sean Rollman
Posted in Security


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The Secret to Better SaaS Application Adoption in Your Organization

[fa icon="calendar'] November 7, 2019 - Written by Sean Rollman
Posted in Company News, Collaboration, Managed Services

The transition of applications to software as a service (SaaS) delivery models has benefitted organizations with distributed and mobile workforces while reducing infrastructure and simplifying management. Despite these benefits, some organizations have struggled to realize value from their SaaS investments in a time-effective manner. So, what’s the secret to better adoption? It’s simple: Adoption Services.

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Six Ways to Make Digitization Work for Your Business

[fa icon="calendar'] April 20, 2017 - Written by Sean Rollman
Posted in Technology

Digital.  Digitization.  Digitalization.  These are words we hear thrown around a lot in technology circles today. In my last blog post we talked about how Domino’s Pizza was one example of businesses leveraging technology to create value, but what does that mean for you and your customers? How can you create and implement a digital strategy that not only produces competitive advantage, but improves the customer experience? We’ve taken the time to develop six ways to make digitization work for your business.


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How Technology Can Improve the Customer Experience and Create Value

[fa icon="calendar'] March 29, 2017 - Written by Sean Rollman
Posted in Mobility, Cloud

As technology continues to evolve and digital transformation enters full swing, competition for customers is growing increasingly fierce. An essential question for businesses has become, “How can technology improve customer experience and create additional value for my shareholders?” A great question, and to answer it let’s take a look at what one well-known company did to leapfrog their competition and launch themselves into the digital age. 

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4 Technologies That Make Our Lives More Interesting 

[fa icon="calendar'] October 5, 2016 - Written by Sean Rollman

An ancient Chinese proverb states, “May you live in interesting times.” Some believe this to be a blessing, while others believe this is a curse. But regardless of your interpretation, we can all agree that we do indeed live in interesting times. 

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