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[VIDEO SERIES] How to create a Virtual Incident Response Center Using Webex: Part Three

[fa icon="calendar"] May 28, 2020 - Written by: Internetwork Engineering


When crafting a thorough and time sensitive Incident Response document, you need all hands-on-deck to explore every avenue of the response. 

Once your team has met and annotated the IRC response document, how do you continue the collaboration to make updates? Webex has simplified the process of keeping your teams connected across the globe during the COVID-19 crisis and into the next new normal. 


In part 2 of our series, we discussed joining the Webex meeting from a variety of devices and collaboratively annotating the Incident response document. Once the initial meeting is over, Webex allows you to meet and stay connected within the same Teams space, so your IR team can continue communicating, adding notes, and uploading IRC response document drafts as needed.  


This third session will discuss how your IR team can continue the collaboration after the initial Webex meeting.  


IRC Video Part 3 - FINAL

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Part 3 IRC Video Script: 

Hello and welcome, Internetwork Engineering presents, How to Utilize Webex for a Virtual Incident Response Center.  


This is part 3 of a 4-part series, this session is about using Webex teams to continue the collaboration after the Webex meeting.  


In our previous session, we saw the virtual IRC team join the Webex meeting scheduled by John and make edits to the IRC response document.  


Once the meeting is over, the team needs to stay in communication to refine the process and adjust to any changing parameters. 

John created a team space in Webex teams and invited the IRC members to the team. Here they continue to share ideas and information after the initial meeting. Here John is uploading the edited document to the Teams space and sending a message to the other IRC team members. 

Share the Incident Response Document with your CEO


Now we see the other IRC team members viewing John’s message in the Teams application on their respective devices. Should they require another meeting. The members can simply click on the meet icon to initiate a Teams meeting with all the other members.  


John would like to talk about the final document. First, he sends out a message asking if everyone is available. When everyone responds back, he is ready to start the meeting, so he clicks on the meet icon in Teams and each team member receives a notification that there is a meeting request in progress. 

 Meet with your virtual incident response team via Webex


Each member accepts the request and joins the meeting simply by pressing the green join button in the application. As each team member joins, John can see in the participant’s panel who has joined.  

 View the Participants panel in your Webex meeting and expel unwanted users.


If someone joins who John did not invite, he can expel the user from the meeting.  


Thank you for watching our video,  

Please watch the other videos in the series.  


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Get Started with Webex 

Ready to give Webex a try for your own virtual incident response center? Do you need accounts for more than 10 users? If you answered yes to both questions, then our Free Webex 90-day Corporate Trial would be a great fit for your organization.  


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We've also compiled some free resources to help you during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Visit our Business Continuity Resource Page for more details.  



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