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[VIDEO SERIES] How to create a Virtual Incident Response Center Using Webex: Part Four

[fa icon="calendar"] June 9, 2020 - Written by: Internetwork Engineering

How do you present your incident response report to the entire organization? Let’s consider your team, are they spread out in different locations? Inter-office communications accommodating various locations simultaneously  not even counting the complications brought on by COVID-19 have always been tricky to work around.  


Luckily, Webex has a solution to make presenting pertinent information simple and efficient: it’s called Webex Event Center.  


Our previous video discussed continuing collaboration after the Webex meeting which allows the IR team to finalize the IRC response document before presenting it to the rest of the organization.  


This session will cover how to create a Webex event to share the IRC response across your organization no matter where they are located! Let’s watch! 


IRC Video Part 4 - FINAL

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Part 4 IRC Video Script: 

Hello and welcome, Internetwork Engineering presents, How to Utilize Webex for a Virtual Incident Response Center 


This is part 4 of our 4-part series, this session is about creating a Webex event to share the IRC response. 


In our previous session, we saw John use Webex Teams to collaborate with the IRC team to finalize the response document.  


Once the IRC team has finalized the response documentation. John updates the CEO about the Response document via Webex Teams.  

 How to upload the incident response document to Webex Teams


The CEO now wants to address the entire organization about the response. John uses the Webex portal to create a Webex event for the CEO and 900 staff members.


John logs into the portal via his browser and selects the event link in the portal. John then selects the “schedule an event” link to create the event.  


Schedule an event in Webex Event Center and create a name for the event


He enters the event title and selects the date and time of the event from the web page. The company spans several different time zones, so John selects each time zone from the webpage, so the invite has the correct start time for each attendee.  

 Update the timezone for the Webex event in Webex event center to accommodate various locations


A description is added to inform the attendees of the purpose for the meeting.  


Provide an event description so that your invitees know what the event will be about


John creates a panelist password to secure the meeting from uninvited users.  


Create a panelist password in Webex Event Center


John then clicks on the ‘create invitation’ list for the attendees. This could be done via a csv file import for larger events. John will come back to this later when the list is completed.  


Next, John clicks on the create invitation list for the panelists. The IRC response team will be panelists in the event to answer any questions from the attendees. Lastly, John submits the event and chooses to whom the event invitations should be sent.  


Invite panelists to your Webex event


As the host of the meeting, John will get a different email from the rest of the attendees. His email will have a button to start the event. He will have to do this before anyone can join the event.  


The host invite for the Webex event


The panelists will get a separate email from the regular attendees. The panelist email will have a panelist password created by John in the webpage. The panelist email will have a green Join button to join the event. The event password is embedded in the button, so they don’t have to enter it.  


The panelist invite for the Webex event


The attendees will also receive an email to join the event. Their invite will also have a green join button for the event with the password embedded in it, so they do not have to enter it. At the time of the event, everyone connects to the event via the invitation sent to them in email by clicking on the green join button.  


The standard attendee invite for the Webex event


In the Webex event, John can see all the panelists in the participants panel and both the panelists and John can see and control the audio for the general attendees. They can mute and unmute all or selected attendees.


The participants panel in the Webex event, sound control options 

The Q&A panel can be used by the attendees to ask questions during the event. The panelists can then answer the questions in the Q &A panel or relay the questions to the speaker to be answered live.  

 The Q&A Panel in the Webex event


Thank you for watching our video,  


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Get Started with Webex  

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