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The Secret to Better SaaS Application Adoption in Your Organization

[fa icon="calendar'] November 7, 2019 - Written by Sean Rollman
Posted in Company News, Collaboration, Managed Services

The transition of applications to software as a service (SaaS) delivery models has benefitted organizations with distributed and mobile workforces while reducing infrastructure and simplifying management. Despite these benefits, some organizations have struggled to realize value from their SaaS investments in a time-effective manner. So, what’s the secret to better adoption? It’s simple: Adoption Services.

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Why IE Loves XMedius for Secure File Exchange & Communications

[fa icon="calendar'] September 4, 2019 - Written by Internetwork Engineering
Posted in Collaboration

Technology helps us communicate and collaborate across barriers that once confined us, were costly to bridge or extended the length of processes. The ease and convenience that’s brought by today’s digital technologies have also ushered in a time of unease and vulnerability. Information exchanged and stored digitally holds personal information that can be troublesome on its own if in the wrong hands or be used like a puzzle piece to achieve a hacker’s end goal. Handling this information in today’s data-rich world has its own set of challenges, and for businesses who process these important pieces of information like social security numbers, medical records, and credit card information, there are also compliance regulations adding to the complexity of it all. To help organizations operate more efficiently and securely, we’ve partnered with XMedius for secure file exchange and communications. Their solutions help reduce costs and are simple to use, secure, automated, flexible, and compliant.

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Is Email Dead?

[fa icon="calendar'] July 19, 2018 - Written by Marty Jefferson
Posted in Collaboration

I attend a lot of collaboration conferences every year. Over the last couple of years, I routinely hear the same question: Is email dead? In this post, I hope to shed some light on the reason people are asking this question, and why it should matter to you.

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Inexpensive Video Solutions That Don’t Sacrifice Quality? They Do Exist.

[fa icon="calendar'] March 23, 2018 - Written by Jaymes Krueger
Posted in Collaboration

A short time ago, our IE account team met with a customer to show-off the new SparkBoard from Cisco. When challenged by the customer that they were pretty much already set on a competitive solution, I made the comment that they should at least entertain our conversation because the newer video units were now more affordable than ever and amazingly easier to use than their predecessors. The customer was skeptical and told me, “I’ll be the judge;” so we set out to make our case.


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Summer Versus Mobile Worker Productivity

[fa icon="calendar'] October 27, 2017 - Written by Justin Bera
Posted in Intelligent Networks, Collaboration

I took some time off one Friday morning and went fishing on Lake Murray. Despite being off, I had a couple meetings that I needed to attend, one of which required me to participate via Cisco WebEx on my laptop. I wasn’t about to let a little bit of water stop me from participating, nor was I about to let one meeting stop me from enjoying a day out on my boat. So, I grabbed my Cradlepoint IBR1100 router with Verizon SIM card and loaded it on the boat along with laptop, tackle box, and fishing rods. We pushed off before 8:00 AM; it was a beautiful peaceful morning on the lake. I plugged the router’s vehicle power adapter into the boat’s 12v power socket and had the wireless network up and running within 3 minutes. I popped open the laptop, looked up fishing reports, checked the weather, and streamed music thru the IBR until my meetings started. Once it was time for my meeting, I jumped on WebEx, screen-shared, and participated in the meeting as if I was in my office. All the while the kids fished and had a great time. When my meetings ended, I put the laptop away and went back to fishing. A great morning on the lake, productive and fun.

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