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Technology’s Changing a Familiar Face

[fa icon="calendar'] September 22, 2017 - Written by Chris Rogers
Posted in Data Center

The face of something very familiar is changing. Within a few years you may not recognize the “face” of your data center because many of the technologies you’ve relied on for the last 5-10 years are being disrupted.

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From Mainframe to Hybrid Cloud Management: One Man’s Journey

[fa icon="calendar'] June 6, 2017 - Written by Richard Babb
Posted in Cloud, Data Center

Working with clients on a daily basis, I’m often asked my opinion of “The Cloud”. Having been a consultant in the technology industry for 23 years I’ve seen a lot, from Mainframe to today’s Hybrid Cloud Management platforms. When I first started, I was fixing Apple Macintosh computers and their 40 MB hard drives and HP LaserJet III (PC Load Letter anyone?) printers. I personally was the proud owner of a 486/50 PC and the first Pentium 60 MHz were just starting to hit the market. I believe that when they hit the market they literally “hit” something like a tree because that first month I replaced a lot of them. Most local area networks were comprised of Ethernet hubs and heaven help us “ARCnet.”  Computing infrastructure was still very heavy with Mainframes and AS/400’s and as a result highly centralized. If you wanted to manage your systems, you pretty much had to physically be in your data center on a terminal or computer with a terminal emulator.

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Why Working with a Partner Beats Buying from a Vendor

[fa icon="calendar'] February 23, 2017 - Written by Justin Bera
Posted in Data Center, Intelligent Networks, Collaboration, Security

Part One Of a Five-Part Series


2017 marks my twentieth year in the IT field and fifth working in the reseller space. I feel like I’ve seen it all, but one thing that seems constant regardless of the organization is the struggle to reconcile the relationship between vendors and the business. I think I’ve heard every theory and strategy out there. Some want a different vendor for each architecture: the different eggs in different baskets theory. Some take every purchase as a challenge to get an ever-cheaper price: the pit them against each other theory. While others go with my personal favorite, “I like to spread it around:” the I want everyone to like me and get an equal cut of my budget theory.

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5 things You Need to Know About Containerized Applications

[fa icon="calendar'] September 30, 2016 - Written by Chris Rogers
Posted in Data Center

What do you think of when you hear the word “containers”? Do you think of big cargo ships full of containers crossing the ocean, moving goods to and from ports around the world? Each one of those containers are carrying goods of some sort. They may be carrying the newest 4K TV or other new technology, or they could just be carrying boxes full of clothes. No matter what they're carrying they are pulled off the ship one by one and placed on a trailer chassis, latched in, and moved to a holding spot or to their final destination.  

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5 Steps to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

[fa icon="calendar'] September 2, 2016 - Written by Internetwork Engineering
Posted in Data Center, Disaster Recovery

In today’s age of digital business, protecting your data in the event of a disaster is critical for business continuity. And with the combination of natural threats, malware, software/hardware malfunctions, and the biggest culprit of all, human error, a disaster is often inevitable.

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